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B-SENS Apiary control


It allows you to remote-control your apiary.

It senses the weight and the external temperature continuously. The weight is stored once a day at the time set by the user.

According to the chosen settings, the system can send an automatic message after having stored the weight, thus showing the stored weight and a brief chronology. Otherwise the system can only store the weight at the settled time and it can be questioned whenever you want by calling the SIM, which is fitted into the equipment. In this latter case the system answers showing a message with the measured weight at the question time and the chronology of the stored weight.


Higher production of each apiary by setting up and removing the shallow boxes in the most proper moment.

Higher overall production (more apiaries) by moving the beehives towards the apiaries with the higher imports according to B-SENS information.

Higher safety of the workstations thanks to alarm functions.

Colonies’ greater strength by adding reserves at the right time.

1 B-SENS for each apiary means a sure and almost immediate return on your investment.